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Baseball Betting Strategies and Tips

Baseball Betting Strategies and Tips

Yes football season is coming up and with it a lot of sports betting traffic but with 162 games over the course of baseball’s regular season, the sample size for hitting, pitching, and team statistics is quite large, making it much more useful to bettors than sports with much smaller sample sizes. Just about every baseball bettor knows how to use stats like batting average and ERA to handicap, but there are other baseball betting strategies and tips to cover as well.

There are many ways to bet on baseball, and each have certain advantages and disadvantages and appeal to different people, here are some baseball betting strategies and tips so that when you sign up at heritagesports.eu you surely are making the best bet for online gaming!

One mistake that many bettors make is simply looking at the overall statistics of pitchers and hitters instead of the specific statistics that are relevant to this particular matchup. For example, they assume that because a pitcher’s season ERA is below 3.50 or a batter’s batting average is over .300, those players will perform well today. But that’s only part of the story.

Nowadays, you can research specific matchup history, so you can see not only how pitchers and batters have fared over their career against the team they are playing against today, but also the specific batters or pitchers they will be facing. The star pitcher you are considering betting on may have a sparkling 3.05 ERA this season, but a look at his past history against today’s opponent may reveal a 7.84 ERA and four batters in today’s lineup batting over .400 against him. Analyzing how pitchers and batters have performed in the past can help you find great value on teams to bet on or fade, especially when these statistics go against the player’s season averages.

Another important free baseball betting strategy to implement is the handicapping of bullpens. Most bettors focus on the two starting pitchers and the starting lineups when handicapping a game, and neglect one of the most important aspects of the game; the bullpen. Most starting pitchers only throw 100-110 pitches per game, which often puts the ball in the bullpen’s hands for the final 6-12 outs. Some teams have three closer-quality pitchers, and shutting the door in the seventh, eighth, and ninth inning is no problem. Other teams don’t even have one closer-quality pitcher that they can rely on. Bullpen implosions happen every day; be sure you factor in bullpens to your everyday handicapping.

An alternative to this is betting first five inning lines. If you get too tired of being the victim of blown saves, or you love the starting pitching matchup but don’t trust the bullpen, consider betting just the first five innings instead. You may have to lay down a bit more chalk, but in many cases, it is worth it.

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