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Baseball Wagering

Baseball Season is one of the best times to place bets. Baseball game moneyline and first 5 inning wagers have the following pitcher options:


Listed Pitchers: Both listed pitchers must start for moneyline wagers to have action. A pitcher only needs to throw one pitch to be the official starter for wagering purposes. Listed Pitchers wagers will be graded no action if either or both pitchers do not start the game. All baseball total and run-line wagers are listed pitchers only.


List One Pitcher: The pitcher you specify must start for moneyline wagers to have action. You have no action if your specified pitcher does not start the game. If the pitcher opposing your selected pitcher is changed, the moneyline price will be computed with revised odds based on the new pitcher.


Action: All moneyline wagers have action. However, if there is a pitching change, the moneyline price will be computed with revised odds based on the new pitchers.


All regular season and exhibition baseball games are considered official after 5 innings of play (4½ if the home team is winning).  If a game is called or suspended after 5 innings, the winner is determined by the score after the last full inning of play – unless the home team scores to tie or takes the lead in the bottom half of the inning, in that case, the winner is then determined by the score at the time the game is called.  When betting on baseball totals or run-lines, the game must go 9 innings or 8½ if the home team is winning.

Professional post season games are not official until a winner is declared.  If a professional post season game begins then is delayed to a later date, all wagers will have action with the final score result on that date.  If a post season game does not begin on the date scheduled, all wagers will be graded no action.

Regardless of their starting/completion date, NCAA baseball tournament, NCAA softball tournament, international tournament and youth league tournament games have action with the final result score.

First 5 inning lines are graded at the end of the 5th inning. All 5-inning wagers have action at that time, regardless whether the game is completed. The following propositions have action at the time they occur, regardless whether the game is completed or official: 1st 5 inning wagers, team to score first, 1st inning wagers or any wager involving a team or player to achieve an outcome first. The following propositions will be graded NO ACTION if a game does not go 8½-9 innings and is an official completed game on that day: team statistical match-ups, player match-ups (including total bases), team total runs, H-R-E wagers, or any wager involving an over/under format.

Any baseball, softball, or little league game ending early as a result of a mercy rule will have action on all wagers (unless otherwise noted).

All position players involved in baseball proposition wagers must START for action (unless otherwise noted). Scoring for total base wagering: Single=1 point, Double=2 points, Triple=3 points, HR=4 points, (Walks & Stolen Bases do not count). Player with the most points in the game is the winner.

Regular season series wagers have action as long as a minimum of two games are completed. Only the first three games of any series count for wagering purposes. Once a team wins two games in a series, the series will be graded at that time.

Total runs scored in series wagers must have all three games played on the dates originally scheduled.

Wagers will be graded no action if a game is called before completion, suspended, or does not go full 9 innings (8 if the home team is winning) on the date scheduled. Runs scored in extra innings are included in the total when wagering on total runs scored in series. Pitchers listed on the first game of the series must start for wagers to have action.

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