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Bet Safe and Bet Smart

Bet Safe and Bet Smart

We covered some of the main reasons why some bettors are not welcome in most online sportsbooks. While the goal is to have fun while making a profit, there needs to be a balance that you need to keep, here are some tips for betting smart

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Keep deposit and stake sizes low

If a player signs up, instantly deposits a large sum and attempts to place the maximum stake on a selection then it’s very likely to raise suspicion. Betting this much shortly after signing up isn’t the behavior of someone dipping their toes in for the first time. And those sort of funds aren’t usually available to average bettors. It is a clear sign of someone who knows what they’re doing, so it’s an easy way for bookmakers to highlight the pros. Try not to be so obvious build it up slowly.

Don’t be too rigid

It might seem normal for you to maintain the same size stakes, or to bet solely on one sport. But gamblers who bet for fun don’t stay rigid all the time. Whenever you can try to add an element of randomness or spontaneity to your activity.

Refrain from unusual patterns

Betting at antisocial hours of the day, or at exceptionally high odds are what could be deemed as “unusual”. Horse racing activity typically builds up around the time that races begin, which is around 2pm for most race days. Those who wake up early in the morning to place bets (when they ought to be at work) are at risk of being flagged or monitored for some type of professional value betting. Equally, a customer who frequently bets at high odds demonstrates risk tolerance, or strategy, traits associated with risk-free betting techniques like Arbing. Avoid falling into a pattern which isn’t the norm for a typical bettor.

Watch for your IP address

If a customer comes from an area where betting syndicates have been known to operate then the location alone could be an identifying factor. Other issues with IP addresses are that they make it easy to identify multi-accounting. Let’s suppose a customer was closed down for undesired behavior, then signed up his brother (with his consent) on another account using the same IP address. Whilst the bookmaker may not entirely discriminate against siblings of the same address, they will be aware that this household, or IP address, has a history of smart betting.

Consider that revoking an account that has been closed it is incredibly hard.

Once bookmakers have identified an unwanted Bettor then there’s barely any chance of them back tracking. You also have to consider the fact that sportsbooks staff probably have more pressing things to do with their time than to help a potential professional to re-enter their Sportsbook again. For them, it’s just not worth the risk. Accept the inevitable and focus on prolonging the life of your accounts. Bet safe and bet smart, sign up now http://www.heritagesports.eu/

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