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Betting on Sports Without Biases

In the previous article we started to bust some sports betting myths. As we said the most important thing is to get rid of those biases when handicapping sports, as we continue to learn more about sports betting we must continue to bust myths. The list goes on, read on and make sure that you are betting on sports without biases.

“Due Factor” bettors look for teams on a losing or winning streak. They bet either on or against them based on a gut feeling that they think it’s about time for things to even out. The problem with this thinking is that you don’t know when a streak is going to end or how long it is going to continue. The reason sports are so fun to follow is that they are unpredictable. Just because something has never happened before does not make it impossible to happen. The improbable happens all the time in sports. Trying to capitalize on it at random is almost always a poor decision.

Now, we must admit betting myth or not, there are times when it makes sense. You feel like you should jump on or against a team in certain situations when they are on a certain kind of streak. What we need to reinforce is the idea that these situations are not easy to identify. Most “due factor” bets are sucker bets.

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Games are Fixed

This common sports betting myth, comes with a disclaimer. Yes games have been fixed in the past. There may be games fixed in the future. But the betting myth here is that games are often rigged.

The sports betting myth that there are a lot of fixed games just doesn’t hold any water. First off, there are few players that can influence the outcome of a game. Point guards in basketball, pitchers in baseball and quarterbacks in football come to mind. But what percentage of those players do you think would be willing to take the risk involved in trying to fix a game? Not professional players. The amount of money it would take for a pro player to fix a game is way more than the money that a “fixer” would be able to wager. College players may be more willing to take that risk. But they risk getting caught, losing a scholarship, and blowing the chance to play at the next level. That alone is enough for most players to avoid this pitfall.

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