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Betting Right - Under

Betting Right – Under

The NBA playoffs tipped off Saturday, and while virtually everyone acknowledges the Golden State Warriors are big favorites to win it all, smart bettors can find value in other elements. When you pay to watch a basketball game live you will want to see some exciting action so you probably wouldn’t have money on the game to stay under the total. In fact, the majority of people that bet on the totals in basketball games tend to play the over bet even though the number for most games is adjusted to take that in to consideration. The tendency for the public to bet the over in basketball games helped spawn one of the older NBA betting systems out there in the NBA Under System.

This system is pretty simple. On any night where there is at least four NBA games being played simply find the lowest total on the board and bet the under. Here is an example:

Miami 190

Cleveland -1.5

Philadelphia 185

Orlando -2.5

Toronto -3.5

Boston 188

Oklahoma City 194

LA Clippers -6.5

San Antonio 197

Houston -2.5

The lowest total on the board is 185 in the game between Philadelphia and Orlando so that would be the one that you bet the under in. It’s important to remember that there needs to be at least four games on the board and that is the case in this situation.

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What Are The Numbers?

Since the majority of people bet the over in NBA games the numbers are often skewed to reflect that as the sportsbooks will raise the total higher than it should be. The under usually hits more often than expected and that’s why it is important to find a night where there are at least four games on the board in order to take advantage. The lowest total represents the game where the lowest score is expected but usually the books will not want to go too low and that’s where the system takes advantage. Some players will double or triple up and take the three lowest totals on a busy night and bet the under in each of them in hopes that they will hit at least two of three and make a profit. This can be a little riskier depending on how many games are on the board and who is playing but the longer the risk of games the lesser the attention that the sportsbooks will pay to each of them.

The general knowledge that the public tends to bet the over in NBA games is an excellent tool when finding the right lines to bet because of the fact that the sportsbooks tend to create inflated lines. While most players might not want to bet the lowest under blindly the fact that they know this could help them handicap what the best totals to bet on a nightly basis are. Injuries and other trends can also be used to handicap the best total bets on a nightly basis but keep in mind that with at least four games on the board the lowest under bet will hit more often than not. Ready to start betting right? Sign up at Heritagesports

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