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Moneyline and Win Bets

Moneyline and Win Bets

Sports are universal and so is betting on them, each sport has it’s own rules and peculiarities, depending on where in the world you are different terminology is utilized. The types of bets that Americans refer to as ‘money lines’ are called ‘win bets’ by the rest of the world. The same principles apply though. Quite simply: if you choose the right team to win, you’ll get paid accordingly.

Like fractional odds, moneyline odds show how much profit you can possibly make, but are displayed with either a positive or negative number. Moneylines are employed when there are two potential results, typically to support a favorite or an underdog.

A positive number will show you how much a correct wager will net you, whereas negative numbers tell you the stake you need to put forward in order to win.

American sports like baseball and hockey are typically wagered on via money lines. US Football and basketball, however, are usually bet on with point spreads, which we’ll talk about next.

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The most popular bets are point spreads, straight bets, totals (over/unders), specials (prop bets), outrights (futures), and accumulators (parlays), and understanding how they function will undoubtedly help you to make better informed, better-paying bets.

Point spreads are exactly what they sound like: not only do people bet on who they believe the winner will be, but also how much that team will win by. If a team has done this, they’ve “covered the spread”. This also ensures that both sides receive ample wagers, and bookmakers spread their payments out much more. The purpose here is to make both sides attractive to bet on.

Point Spreads Work Together With Moneyline Odds

You’ve won the point spread, so how do you determine your payout? Using the same information from above, the negative number shows you what you need to wager to win $100, and the positive number states how much you’ll win on a $100 wager. It’s not always this way if a team has a lot of people betting on it, and bookmakers can adjust the odds to balance things out, but for the most part, this rings true.

Straight betting or “win bet” is easily the most popular (not to mention easiest) form of sports gambling. Essentially, you pick the winning team or player in advance. Sports like boxing, horse racing, and baseball don’t involve point spreads, so the moneyline will determine how much money you’re set to make.

If you’re dealing with basketball or football, point spreads will usually be included in the bet. Unless you’re told otherwise, the payoff will be $100 for every $110 correctly wagered. While putting money on the underdog can be risky, a shocking upset can mean big payoffs for you.

Keep in mind that the scores are typically the results at the end of regulation time, or whenever the game results are official. Overtime scores may or may not be used, so be sure to check with your bookmaker site. Make more money betting on moneylines or win bets, sign up at Heritagesports

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