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Online Gambling Sites For Sports

Online Gambling Sites For Sports

Legal sports betting is not available in all states, as online gambling sites for sports multiply potential sports bettors face ethical skepticism regarding whether making bets online would constitute breaking or merely bending the rules, fortunately there is plenty of online information to overcome these concerns.

Legalizing online gambling sites for sports is a discussion is ongoing discussion, particularly in some states. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver wants to see betting legalized for the sake of regulations. Potential NBA profits also don’t hurt.

New Jersey is one of the major states currently vying for the right to legal sports betting.

And the same states that are thinking of joining New Jersey in offering legal internet gaming are also leaning toward offering legal sports betting. In fact, California has been looking at this possibility pretty strongly.

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Pennsylvania has not necessarily considered legal sports betting as closely as New Jersey or California, but that doesn’t mean that the state’s lawmakers are not still intrigued by the idea. The House Gaming Oversight Committee’s chairman, Pennsylvania representative John Payne, believes that both sports betting and internet gaming are important possible sources of taxable revenue for the state.

And if states believe that legal sports betting can make them an easy dime, even more states than the ones mentioned above might start hopping on board. There are people in Illinois who are already pushing to add a state to the list of those currently seeking legal sports betting, and Mississippi’s state legislature asked the executive director of the Mississippi Gaming Association to study the possibilities of legal sports betting in their state.

As of now, the only four states that support legal sports betting are Nevada, Delaware, Oregon and Montana. And while there is generally massive support for legal sports betting over the internet it appears as if it could take at least two or even as many as ten years to see this reality due to the efforts Congress has put toward enforcing the Wire Act.

This is unfortunate because, as we mentioned in the section above, the sports leagues could benefit almost as much as the states. In fact, with outfits such as Draft Kings collaborating with the leagues, some believe that legal sports betting could raise the salary cap and allow teams within the sports leagues to make more competitive bids for top players.

The NBA is especially keen on pursuing such opportunities (they’re currently using European examples such as the Barclays Premier League as a model for cooperation between sports leagues and gaming companies), and even MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred is starting to look at the possibilities that legal sports betting could offer the sports leagues. While the discussion is still open take a few considerations when looking for online gambling sites for sports.

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