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Why does a reverse line movement happen

Reverse Line Movements in NFL – Season 2016

The NFL 2016 Season in on, and with it, endless opportunities to bet and win.

Reverse line movements in NFL are an aspect that you should take into consideration this season, so let us explain what they are, and how to take advantage of them; however, in order to understand reverse line movements, you first need to understand the basics on how sportsbooks work, so let’s start with that.

Sportsbooks want to have balanced action on both sides, as they are not looking to profit from taking sides, but from the juice.

So for example, if the favorite is getting all the action, they will try to make it balanced by adjusting the line to favor the underdog, and when the balance has been restored, adjust it so bets continue attracting gamblers to both sides in an even way. Let’s say the New England Patriots open as a 7-point favorite against the Buffalo Bills. If 70% of the bets are favoring the Patriots, the sportsbook will adjust the line to maybe -7.5 or even -8, as the juice will not cover the loss if the favorite wins.

Now that you know about this basic aspect on how sportsbooks work, we can understand how reverse line movements in NFL do.

Reverse line movements in NFL take place when a majority of bettors bet on a team, yet the betting line moves against the action. Following the prior example, it woud be as if a -7 favoring the Patriots would move to -6.5 instead of -7.5.

This can happen for different reasons, to learn more about it you can visit our blog: Why does the reverse line movement happen?

Taking advantage of reverse line movements in NFL is essentially following smart money; you want to bet the instant the RLM happens, because if you give time to do additional research on the matter, the line will change back before you know it, losing your window for that opportunity.

The NFL is considered to be one of the thoughest sports to bet on, however, following reverse line movements in NFL can increase your chances to win by 59.2% according to last season rate, so what are you waiting for?

Visit our blog to learn more about reverse line movement strategy, or like our Facebook Page. See you next time!

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