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Second Half Betting Strategies

We just covered in an article how you can profit from betting on underdogs if implementing a strategy of first quarter and first halves in college football. In this strategy comes in the fact that underdogs often fade in the second half because they run out of gas. We will give you some recommendations as to what types of teams and situations should be considered.

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Second Half Underdogs

Look for quarterbacks who can score points when trailing while avoiding miscues

Look for strong defenses that can force punts or field goal attempts

Look for running backs that can move the chains, run clock, and “shorten” the game

Look for home teams that will get fourth quarter help from boisterous crowds

Look for weather conditions that will inhibit the opposing favorite’s strength (wind, rain)

Look for soft pass defenses on opposing favorites that are vulnerable to allowing late scores

Look for opposing favorites with big leads who may start “looking ahead” to their next game

Second Half Favorites

Look to oppose underdog quarterbacks who are erratic and turnover prone in catch-up mode

Look to oppose undersized defenses, particularly if “extended fatigue” is in play from prior weeks.

Look to oppose underdogs with limited capability to shorten the game with ball control

Look for home teams who love running up the score for their fans or the pollsters

Look for weather conditions that favor the favorite (windless, heat baking the dog defense)

Look for stingy favorite defenses who take pride in keeping teams out of the end zone

Now let’s move to totals

Second Half Overs

Look for situations suggesting a lot of passing vs. crappy defenses!

Look for undersized or shorthanded defenses that are likely to be get exploited

Look for weather and field conditions that favor offense

Look for special teams’ speedsters capable of making big plays on kickoff or punt returns

Look for attacking defensive units capable of setting up cheap points with takeaways

Second Half Unders

Look for superior teams who like to run clock and sit on big leads

Look for conservative coaches who prefer to punt and play field position

Look for windy situations that will disrupt passing offenses

Look for “slow but safe” kick returners who won’t fumble but won’t break any long runs

Look for “bend but don’t break” defenses who will help the clock run by bending but not breaking

It’s important for you to remember that the market shades against favorites and Overs because of public betting tendencies. You really need to be picky in those categories yourself, while trying to be more open-minded about dogs and unders that may be giving you a free point or two instead of taking them away.

If you’ve talked yourself into an over in a potential shootout because of a unique tendency you think won’t be properly factored into the line the best advice is to bet early as soon as a number goes up. The public is going to drive that line higher. Bet before the two-point move, not after it! Sign up now at Heritagesports.eu

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