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Sports Betting Account Limit

Sports Betting Account Limits and Closure

There are several reasons why Bookmakers restrict or close your betting accounts.

It is important to consider the nature of the world of gambling. Some principles to understand include the fact that sports betting is different than online poker for the house from a profits perspective. Excellent poker players who win money only from other players are simultaneously contributing to the house through rake. Sports bettors who consistently bring in profits, however, make money directly from the sportsbooks also known as the house.

If you happen to become a winning sports bettor, you may be limited by your online sportsbook. For this reason, if a player begins to beat the sportsbook on a consistent basis, it’s in their best interest to lower the users wagering limits. While there’s a broad range of what individual sites will put up with or how much they can take losing to a single player, limiting profitable bettors is a business decision that sportsbooks are forced to make.

This decision should not be seen as unfair. As a business books can’t just let profitable bettors attack them and make unlimited profits. If they let it go on, the business will eventually have to close its doors.

Of course, depending on the sportsbook, the reason an account gets limited may vary, as will the amount you win before drawing any red flags.

The selections you make are consistently ‘marked’

If the selections you place are ‘marked’ by the Bookmaker then you instantly draw attention to yourself, regardless whether you’ve profited or not. Betting on marked selections once or twice randomly shouldn’t ring any alarm bells: but do it consistently and it’s obvious that you’re involved in some kind of strategy. This could be Arbitrage betting, using inside knowledge, or taking advantage of price inaccuracies these are just some of reasons why Bookmakers closely watch some selections and scrutinize the ‘offending’ customers.

Your identity/location/associated people has flagged up

Your identity, local area, IP address, or even people associated with you can affect whether a Bookmaker decides to close or restrict your account. If there’s a history of smart (or professional) betting from one particular household or local area, then it’s within the Bookmaker’s rights to discriminate against you and refuse your custom. This doesn’t just apply to existing customers — new signups can be automatically refused if the prospective customer enters details that have been “blacklisted” on one of the Bookmaker’s databases.

Importantly, this isn’t always the fault of the account owner himself. Occasionally customers are tarred with the same brush as others e.g. a local betting syndicate, or their brother who’s secretly an absolute betting genius.

Promotion abuse

Bookmakers don’t encourage customers to regularly take advantage of their free bets & promotions unless they also bet without an advantage. Most of the time you’ll go under the radar for Matched Betting, but Casino “Bonus Bagging” is easily identified, and it increases the likelihood of your account being closed or restricted. Again, this ‘measure’ can depend on how frequent you do it.

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