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Sports Betting Guide for Beginners

Sports Betting Guide for Beginners

Sports bettors are always waiting for the hottest and latest thing, we often get immerse in this world and forget that there is also an entire universe of people making their way into sports betting. Here’s a guide for beginners.

Sports betting guide to the top betting sites

The dictionary definition of ‘wager’ is “something risked or staked on an uncertain event”, and a lot of people assume that there’s no strategy involved with sports betting, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

This tell-all guide will give you the basic skills and insights into the online betting world, all before you start entering your credit card information into a random betting site.

How to Bet on Sports Online

With smartphones in the pockets of most people, betting sites have never been more accessible or plentiful. Today, they cover every sport and event imaginable, and the competition for odds, lines, and bettor recruits is a booming industry.

Online Sports Betting Basics

Wagers (or bets) boil down to two groups with opposing perspectives who endorse their views with money. The group with the correct prediction wins the correlative cash from the not-so-lucky group. Simple, right?

Sometimes, these groups can just be a couple of friends making a light-hearted bet at a bar, but in the age of the internet–when we talk about online sports betting–we’re usually talking about a bookmaker. When professional bookmakers take bets from bettors, it’s called “laying”.

Breaking Down a Wager

Whenever a bookmaker lays, there are three parts to a wager:

The selection- What bettors feel is going to occur.

The stake- How much money bettors risk, and what they have to pay when they place bets online.

The odds- How likely the win will be, and what multiple amount of the stake the bookmaker is expected to pay to the bettor if they win.

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What Are Odds

Odds are probabilities of specific outcomes. If a team is set to win big, the odds will be lower. These lower odds reflect the money you can expect to win should you place a bet on the winning team. The higher the odds are, the less of a chance you’ll win. But should you win, the payout will be higher.

For example, if you’re looking to bet on undefeated Team A in a basketball matchup against Team B (whose season is riddled with losses), let’s be real: Team A is probably going to clinch the competition and your payout will be moderate, if that. But if Team B somehow pulls off an upset and wins the game and you placed a bet on them, your payout will be much larger.

If you see ‘even odds’, this means there’s a 50% chance of winning. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to put your money down in this case. Sign up at Heritagesports

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