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Sports Betting – How to Golf Betting

Sports Betting – How to Golf Betting

The game of golf is played in almost every part of the world now, with professional tours in almost every region. There’s the Asian, Australasian, Japan, Canadian and Sunshine Tour, but the main two to concentrate on are the European Tour, now rebranded as the Race to Dubai, and the US PGA Tour.

Betting on golf is like betting on any other sport. You read the odds, you make your pick, and you wait out the four-day tournament hoping your guy comes in.

The best time to make a golf bet is during one of the major golf tournaments. These major tournaments include:

  • The Masters
  • The U.S. Open
  • The PGA Championship
  • The British Open

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Golf betting is a straightforward exercise. There’s not a lot of complicated betting options when you bet on golf, and while all sports betting contains some exotic or proposition bets, for the most part, betting on golf means one of three things:

  1. You can take the odds on a golfer to win.
  2. You can wager that a particular golfer will finish in the top three.
  3. You can bet that one golfer will beat another in a head to head match up.

Depending on which sportsbook you use, you may have other ways to bet on golf

Basic Money Line Odds

Here’s an example set of odds (using imaginary numbers). This represents the top of the field, as determined by handicappers:

  • Tiger Woods + 150
  • Phil Mickelson + 300
  • Steve Stricker + 450
  • Jeff Overton + 650
  • Ernie Els + 700
  • Field + 350

These are basic money line odds. Let’s say you want to be on Tiger Woods as the outright winner — his “+150” line means for every $10 you wager you earn $15 if he wins. A wager on Ernie Els would pay off $70 for every $10 bet, etc.

The Field Bet

Means if any golfer other than the ones listed on the line wins the tournament, your ship has come in.

A “field” bet is generally a bad bet, not just because they seldom win, but also because your odds aren’t that valuable if you do win.

Head to Head Golf Betting

Head to head golf betting involves betting on who will finish better between two golfers. This can either be who will shoot the better round, or who will finish better in the tournament overall.


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