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Sports Betting – Round Robins

Although Round Robins bets are offered by just about every online sportsbook it is rarely utilized by any bettors. Essentially, Round Robins, also known as a ‘System of Parlays’, allow you to generate all new possible combinations within your Parlay selections by creating new Parlays with all of your original choices. Round Robin wagers must consist of at least three selections, on wagers on sides and totals.

Among the great things about Round Robins is how you can automatically create all possible parlay wagers with a several selections, which in turn saves the bettor some time. Parlays can of course be picked individually, but that process is a bit more tedious, especially if players have a large number of selections.

Typically, sportsbooks allow somewhere between 3-8 teams on Round Robins,At HeritageSports Round Robins can be selected from 3 and up to 15 teams and their payoffs are based on Parlay Factors and true Fractional Odds.

Let’s look at an example using NFL betting lines. Say we wanted to bet a Round Robin with the three below selections:

Pittsburgh Steelers -3(-120)

Dallas Cowboys +3.5(-110)

Detroit Lions +7(-110)

Instead of parlaying all three teams in a 3-team parlay, which would offer worse odds than individual 2-team parlays, we can create all possible combinations of 2-team parlays using a Round Robin wager.

Parlay 1:

Pittsburgh Steelers -3(-110)

Dallas Cowboys +3.5(-110)

Parlay 2:

Pittsburgh Steelers -3(-110)

Detroit Lions +7(-110)

Parlay 3:

Detroit Lions +7(-110)

Dallas Cowboys +3.5(-110)

Parlay odds don’t change when using a Round Robin wagers. 2-team parlays with each side listed at -110, the odds will be +264 or around that number, which is the standard odds for most online sportsbooks.

It’s important to note that round robins won’t show up on bet slips as round robin wagers. Instead, they will show up as individual parlays.

Though Round Robins are a series of parlays, there is one vital difference between betting a single parlay bet. Not every parlay must win for a round robin bet to be graded as a winner. Each parlay is an independent event in a round robin and all parlay rules apply.

Some Tips

As mentioned above they are rarely utilized by bettors, and frankly, they’re not given enough ink. They’re easily the fastest way to bet multiple parlays with a number of key selections. If there are concerns about a line being moved, there is no faster way to bet multiple parlays then using a Round Robin.

However, let’s not forget that even though we can choose between any numbers of parlays with any number of teams, that’s not the optimal way to utilize these wagers. Sticking with 2-team parlays and not betting parlays with high number teams is the way to go.

These wagers are best utilized to cover all bases with straight wagers that bettors feel strongly about and want to parlay together. Stick to 2-team parlays and as always, line shop for the best odds.

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