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Strategy For Half Time Betting

Strategy for Half Time Betting

Are you looking for a creative way to make NFL picks? You might begin by halftime betting. These are slightly different bets that can be used to up your winning percentage if you know what you are doing.

Most casual NFL bettors stick with typical wagers that cover the entire game. But as people get more involved with NFL betting, they gravitate towards other alternatives such as half time betting.

Halftime betting is available at Heritagesports.eu for both football and basketball, and it’s becoming a key staple for NFL bettors looking to stay ahead of the bookies.

As the name implies, a halftime bet is entirely based on the second half outcome of a game. Nothing from the first half applies to the ‘spread’ and ‘totals’ lines for halftime bets. Lines on the second half of action are typically available at the end or near the end of the first half, leaving bettors with precious little time to do some rapid-fire handicapping and make a bet. As well, you probably won’t have time to shop around for the sharpest number. However, you do have one advantage: You’ve seen the teams in question play the first half.


When betting a halftime line, focus on key elements of what transpired in the opening half. Were injuries a factor? Did penalties and/or turnovers have a major effect on the score and/or total? Does one team have significant momentum? Did one team just have a ‘bad’ or uncharacteristically great first half? To what extent did the respective game-plans play out? Are one or both teams already making adjustments?

Remember: Both sides – you and the sportsbook – have an advantage. You’ve seen the game, and the book has time on their side. It’s a good idea to take notes throughout the first half and to have the computer ready to look at the hard numbers in relation to your observations.

Halftime lines also give bettors a chance to pour on the winnings – or offset an inevitable loss. Did you bet the underdog on the spread, only to cheer as they took an outright lead after the first half? A smart halftime wager coupled with your initial bet could see you reap some serious rewards.

Winning more NFL halftime bets is a marathon, not a sprint, and it takes training to avoid the pitfalls that can damage your bankroll every season.

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A Limited Time Frame

Anybody who’s watching an NFL game might feel as if the half lasts forever. However, the truth is that the half only runs for 15 minutes before a game picks back up again. This being said, bettors truly have a limited amount of time to place their halftime wager.

Because you don’t have much time to think about the matter, it’s really important to watch the game’s first half. Doing so will help you analyze how both teams are playing and figure out who’s more likely to cover the spread in the second half.

Of course, it’s also nice if you do some research before the game to find out how both teams typically fare in the second half. Sign up now at heritagesports.eu

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