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Super Bowl - Fun Bets

Super Bowl – Fun Bets

The biggest sporting event of he year has just about every single one of the more than 110 million expected viewers covered, oddsmakers at both land-based casinos and online sportsbooks have assembled a bounty of lines that give bettors propositions on everything from the actual outcome of the game to whether national anthem singer Luke Bryan will flub the song.

The spread on Super Bowl LI between the Patriots and Falcons has largely remained idle since opening after the conference championships last weekend. New England is still a three-point favorite over Atlanta at the majority of the sportsbooks in Las Vegas and online.

Super Bowl LI takes place on February 5 at 6:30 pm ET in Houston, Texas. For those more interested in the commercials than the pigskin, oddsmakers are hoping to appeal to the masses with novelty and prop bets. Online books are where the “fun” bets are, and they’ve got something for just about anyone even remotely interested in adding a financial incentive to their Super Bowl viewing experience. Prop bets. It’s one of the biggest staples in betting the Super Bowl, and it’s one of the reasons why the Super Bowl is, by-far, the most wagered on sporting event every year. This year will be no different.

Lady Gaga’s halftime show is garnering the majority of the prop bets. Bookies are asking what the pop star will wear during her performance, with hat/headdress at -150, followed by glasses/sunglasses +200, wings +500, tail +1600, go a little over the edge with Hillary t-shirt +2500, and “absolutely nothing” at +10000.

Sites are also asking if bettors believe Mother Monster will reference Donald Trump (Yes -140, No +100). Speaking of the 45th president, you can gamble on whether the new commander-in-chief will attend Super Bowl LI (Yes +220, No -335).

What color liquid will be dumped on the winning coach is also up for grabs.

Clear/water, lime/green, yellow, and orange are all offered at +300. Those colors are followed by red +600, blue +750, and purple +1200.

There is nothing that will make you feel like more of a degenerate than betting on the opening coin toss and losing. It sets the tone for the entire night. If you lose, you’re not going to be in a great mood from the beginning. If you win, you’ll deem it the easiest money you’ve ever made and will probably end up bragging about it to your friends for the entirety of the broadcast. There simply is no reasonable advice to give for this prop. Get all the latest Betting and Sport News updates on your social media outlets. Find us on both Facebook and Google+!

Finally, bettors can even take odds on Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl XIII. The spread is even with Team Ruff and Team Fluff both at -120.

One of the most enjoyable parts of watching the big game isn’t exactly what happens on the field, but everything surrounding it. There is no bigger spectacle in all of American sports than the Super Bowl. From the commercials to the half-time show to the national anthem, everything is produced with an A-list mentality, these are the fun bets, find them al at Heritagesports.eu

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