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Teaser Betting Strategy

Heritage Sports has the greatest selection of bets in the industry, from the all-time basics to the best teasers. This is a wager on which 2 to 15 teams are selected together in one bet with an adjusted point spread. In a teaser you can add points in your favor on sides and totals, and combine them all, even if it’s on the same game.

Teasers were originally designed as a method to extract more money from recreational bettors; however, along the way sharp sports bettors soon realized that with simple math and careful selection betting teasers can be quite profitable.

The concept Basic Strategy Teasers has been around since the 1980’s, it was 2001 book by Stanford Wong titled “Sharp Sports Betting” that introduced this concept to the masses. Basic Strategy is based on the fact that almost 25% of NFL games are decided by either 3 or 7 points and around 38% of all NFL games are decided by 3 to 7 points. There are no other margins of victory close to these figures. Therefore simple logic tells us teasers that fully cross the 3 and the 7 at the best possible odds are the highest value of all teasers. This is called Basic Strategy or in some circles Wong Teasers.

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To put this into a betting system, basic strategy is to tease underdogs +1.5 to +2.5 and favorites -7.5 to -8.5 in 6-point teasers. Basic strategy also states the best odds possible are required. A 3-team 6-point teasers at +180 have better odds per team than 2-team 6-point teasers at -110. Therefore if on a given week there are 3 point spreads matching basic strategy criteria, 3-team teasers are a far better option than 2-team teasers.

Some Points about Basic Strategy

Basic Strategy Teasers are very often +EV, but this is not always the case. The logic behind them only shows they are the best blind subset to wager on, nowhere does that logic quantify their profitability.

It is important to check multiple online sportsbooks to confirm point spread you’re about to tease truly are +1.5 to +2.5 or -7.5 to -8.5. If your sportsbook list the line as -7.5, but one, two, or several others have the same team at -7, this should not be considered a basic strategy teaser.

Basic Strategy refers only to NFL football. Despite belief to the contrary, there are in fact profitable college football teasers. To find these you need to understand advanced teaser strategy.

Heritage Sports offers the best teasers in the industry, with the best payoffs! Our teasers have the most points on your favor so you never have to worry about covering any spread! Sign up now at HeritageSports.eu and check Heritage Sports exclusive Teasers.

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