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Win More With The Right Strategy

Win More With The Right Strategy

The industry has come a long way since the first online wagers were taken back in the mid 90’s. Sports betting and gambling in general have taken the world by storm since then. Today, sports betting alone is a multi-billion dollar phenomenon in the United States, despite the regulation situation that the industry has. There are millions of bettors worldwide, and all have the same goal in common, to make some profit while having fun, but you can only achieve this, you can only win more with the right strategy in place.

Is it possible to earn on sports betting without the risk of losing your money? There is truly a win-win strategy that allows you to be a winner in any outcome of sporting events – arbitrage betting. The best advantage of arbitrage betting is no risk and a 100% guarantee of winning.

In point of fact, arbitrage betting is the odds difference in the same game in different bookmakers, which allows you to earn in spite of the outcome. In other words, arb is an arbitrage situation, mathematically calculated so that you are always in the black.

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Here is an illustrative example. Team 1 and Team 2 are played in a volleyball match. One bookmaker gives on the first team winning 2.7 odd, the second bookie estimates the second team winning with 1.8 odd. If in the first one you were to place $100 on the 1st Team, and with the second bookie, $150 on the 2nd Team, then eventually your winnings will be:

– if the 1st Team wins – 100*2.7=$270

– if the 2nd Team wins – 150*1.8=$270.

You win in any case! In this example with the total stake of $250 your profit is $20.

Sure bets is a particular case of arbitrage allowing you to make stakes on all the opposing outcomes of the bookmakers’ competitions.

Odds in different bookmakers on the same game may vary. Firstly, the high competition forces to raise odds in order to attract more players. Secondly, there is a huge number of bookmakers in the world and it is almost impossible to keep track all of them. Moreover, there are always trivial errors in calculations – bookmakers are human beings too, and can make mistakes.

Not everyone knows about arbitrage betting. Ask your friends who are not related to sports betting, “What is arbitrage betting?” and wait for their response. It is unlikely that they have even heard about it.

Arbitrage betting, as well as any other way of earning on the Internet has its advantages and disadvantages. Not everyone can reconcile with these disadvantages.

Summarizing, we can confidently say that arbitrage betting is the only win-win strategy in sports betting, and a great option of additional income. To earn on the arbitrage betting, you have to be persistent and hardworking, have shrewdness and a flexible mind. You also need a good understanding of the specificity of sports betting. It’s important to choose a convenient and reliable arbitrage betting service. Win more with the right strategy and in the right place, sign up now at HeritageSports.eu

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