Are online slots really that risky?

Online slots carry a reputation for being extremely risky. They evoke visions of players risking house and clothes just to spin the virtual reels.

That said, some gamblers evade these games like the plague. They don’t want to become the next person to lose everything through slots.

Real money online slots haven’t drawn their perilous reputation on thin air. Instead, these games feature certain elements that can make them quite risky. Here are the key aspects to watch out for when you play these games.


Volatility alludes to how likely a casino game is to deliver short-term winnings. If a game shows low volatility, then it will see you win quite often. The drawback, though, is that it won’t offer as big of wins.

A game with high volatility, meanwhile, will pay less frequently. The upside is that it will deliver larger payouts and/or more features.

Large Maximum Bets

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Most internet slots feature of a wide betting range. The average online game presents a minimum bet worth $0.20 and a maximum wager worth $100.

Most gamblers like sticking with the lower end of this spectrum. They fully realize that slots games move fast and can quickly drain their bankroll during in a dry spell.

Fast Game Speed

Online slots move at a rapid pace compared to most other casino games. You can easily spin the reels 500 times or more in an hour.

Slots, meanwhile, don’t require much—if any—thought. You just need to select the appropriate betting options, and you’re good to go until you change your mind.

The quick play rate of slot machines makes for exciting action. However, it also pits you against the house edge more.

Buy Bonus Feature

Buy bonus is a betting option that’s come about within the past few years. It enables gamblers to immediately purchase a bonus round for a multiple of their stake.

This decision pays off when you experience a great bonus round. However, it hits your bankroll really hard when you don’t win much.

Hypnotizing Play

Online slots have a way of making you forget your surroundings. They feature quick play and exciting animations and sound effects when you win.

Developers make slots this way for a purpose. They want you to think that you’re winning big no matter if the payouts are large or small.

You should pay attention to each prize to see if it’s actually worth more than your original bet. After all, you don’t want to fall for losses disguised as wins (LDWs).

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