Le’Veon will sign with Steelers after holdout

This Monday, the player finally signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers after the contract holdout he had from his base team. The Steelers now count with the running back on their rotation as he is now under contract. The holdout finished on September 1 as it was promised. Three days later, he officially signed with the Steelers. The disadvantage is that in less than a week the Steelers will start the season. The 25-year-old player will receive a salary of $12.1 million this season, as a base salary. He has two opportunities for roster exemption, and this will let the team to carry 54 players.

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Bell is considered by many teams as one of the best players on the running back. In 2014, he was the second-round pick. His first team was the All-Pro, in which he tall 2,215 yards. With those stats any person can think he won’t get better, but last season in 12 games he tall 1,884 yards. He has an average of 100+ yards per game, a stat that only him and Ezekiel Elliott posses. He counts with outstanding statistics for been such a young player, as he averages 86.1 yards per game in his whole career.  

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The franchise talked to the press and explained how important is the player for them. As they see him as a fundamental piece for their rotation and they are excited with what the player can bring to the team. Bell was considered by the press as the best in the business because of his multiple abilities. He can run a game but wait for a passive attack. In 2015, he suffered from an injury that took him out for a season and restrained him during the 2016 season. He will be Steelers’ card for this season, but he will have to share the field with players as James Conner.

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