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NBA – Bet on Props

NBA – Bet on Props

This will be a great weekend for bettors and sports fans in general, with the UEFA Champions League Final, NBA, and NHL Final Series. So there is everything but the lack of action, now if you want to increase the fun part of it, Basketball prop bets are one of the most exciting and fun bet types that you can make on a game. Prop bets sometimes referred to as ‘specials,’ usually, refer to the bet types that don’t fall into the regular betting categories.

In basketball, there are two categories of prop bets – skilled bets, and unskilled bets. It’s important to point out that you will never see the bets split up this way on a gambling website or in a sportsbook. This is just the way that we like to organize them so that we can show you a few strategy points with each.

Before prop bets, you really could only bet on the outcome of the game. If you knew of something that you thought was going to happen during the game that might not directly affect the winner of the game, you were out of luck. Sure, if you thought from our above example that Russell Westbrook was going to have a bad game you could bet against his team, but someone else could step up, and they would still win. You would have been spot on with your prediction, but not rewarded for it. Now you can really pinpoint your predictions and take full advantage of the little things that you notice about individual situations or players in a basketball game

Props allow you to vary what you’re betting on and attack situations that you pick up on that, you think the public or the line makers are wrong about. All of this leads to a better money-making opportunity for you. Remember, though, we are only talking about the skill based prop bets here. If you’re constantly betting on how many times someone will trip during a game or what will happen in the halftime show, you’re probably going to struggle to show a long term profit.

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Prop bets give you things to root for no matter what is going on in the game. The game could be a blowout, and you could still be cheering for a certain player to make one more three-pointer so you can win your prop bet or you could be cheering for one more dunk to win your bet. When you only bet on the score of the game, you find yourself in a lot of situations where you may be out of the running for a win fairly early in the game. Props keep the rush going as well as the money-making opportunity.

If it wasn’t fun enough, Heritage is Sports is letting you put your odds-maker hat on with the introduction of our new Player Props Builder.

Make your first bet ever, if your bet loses receive up to a $25 refund.

We’ll give you the tools to customize your own wagers. Bet your games and create your very own unique Player Props. It will change the way you watch your favorite games! Sign up at and Heritagesports and learn more about why the NBA is more fun with prop bets.

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