Online Casinos that Accept Players from the USA

Online gambling is big business, so big in fact that the global online gambling market generated 59 billion US dollars in 2020. Don’t let the dollars fool you, though; the vast majority of the market share lies outside America.

As technological advances drive online gambling forward to broader acceptance, more Americans than ever are taking notice of the fantastic benefits and attractive offerings that are now available at online casinos as more licensed casinos vie for American players. Not only have Americans embraced online gambling, but several states have pushed for the introduction of online casinos in their particular jurisdictions and have already awarded multiple online gambling licenses.

Licensed Online USA Casinos

The legalization of online gambling in America is fraught with issues that relate to state and federal laws; despite the restrictions, several states have successfully legalized online gambling after successful court cases. The latest state to admit the introduction of online casinos is the state of Michigan.

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The five other states where online gambling is already 100% legit and legal are Delaware, Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. These states have reported significant uptake and substantial tax revenues, which bodes well for both parties concerned – the state and the players.

Offshore casinos for Americans

While the American online gambling market steadily grows, it is still quite new and fragmented, making it an ideal market for international online casinos looking to expand their global footprint and enter a relatively untapped market by international comparison.

Americans who reside outside states that operate US-based online casinos can play at offshore casinos and experience online gambling action without any restrictions or legal repercussions.

American Licensed Online Casinos

The very best online casinos groups have naturally followed the gambling legislature in America closely, with some of these top names initiating acquisitions and mergers to enter the market and help land-based casinos offer legit American online casinos. Merging with local partners is by far the best option as it makes it easier for reputable online casinos to operate in these jurisdictions.

Players that reside in one of the states that have legalized online gambling naturally have the chance of registering and playing at US-based online casinos. It’s important to note that these online casinos lets players to deposit and withdraw funds from other states; however, they need to be within the state borders if they wish to place a wager.

The global online gambling industry is worth an estimated 59 billion US dollars, with America trailing the rest of the world regarding the widespread acceptance and legalization of online gambling. Thus far, a handful of states have successfully fought for the right to avail online gambling to their residents, while more states are in the process of legalizing online gambling.

The driving force behind online gambling legalization is undoubtedly the incredible tax revenue that online gambling offers these states, followed by new employment openings that this burgeoning industry is sure to create.

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