Sports Betting – Golf Betting Picking Winners

Sports Betting – Golf Betting Picking Winners

Golf is one of the sports that won’t offer you an incredible amount of betting options, but those it offers are definitely very profitable . Golf features a few major events that are run throughout the year, such as The Masters, the US Open, the Open Championship, the PGA Championship, the British Open, and the Champions Tour.

Betting on winners and top three finishes is difficult. The first round of a golf tournament is made up of hundreds of players, so picking just one winner is more difficult.

A gambler’s insight, intuition about a player, and historical performances on similar courses can inform a golf bet, but the bet is much harder to win because of the size of the field.

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Here are the things you should looking for when making your golf betting picks:

Players In Good Form

Confidence plays a role in all sports, but it is especially crucial in golf. If a player has been playing well recently, he won’t second-guess himself or over-analyze things as much as if he’s been struggling.

Players Whose Game Fits The Course

Rather than handicap the players, why not handicap the golf course. All courses are different, and some place an emphasis on different skills than others. Some might be long and favour the long hitters.

Players’ Previous Results At That Course

Just like certain courses can favour certain players, certain players might tend to score well at certain courses.

Players’ Previous Results At Similar Tournaments

Certain tournaments are bigger than others, particularly the majors. So if a player just won the Shell Houston Open, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be a contender at the Masters the following week.


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