Texas Holdem Dominated Hands

Texas Holdem

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Learn a few hands in Texas Hold’em that are second best and could cost you a lot of chips. Second best and dominated hands are good to stay away from.

A hand is dominated by another hand if there are three or fewer cards that improve the dominated hand enough to beat the hand that is dominating. Interestingly–when the dominated hand does hit one of those outs they usually switch places and become the dominating hand (as the previously best hand now has 3 or fewer outs to beat the new best hand.

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Let’s look at the forms of domination:

AK vs AA, the AK will only come from behind about 6.748% of the time and AKs ( suited ) about 11.518%.  That is over 1- 13.8 to draw out.  If your all in and find yourself in this situation can pretty much start packing up because your going home.  Nice thing is you do not find yourself in this situation to often as you hold one of the ace they would need to dominate you, but  I have still lost count of the number of times this has happened to me over the years.

KQ vs AA, the KQ will come from behind 13.57% of the time and KQs about17.38%.  Still pretty bad, but almost twice as good as the worst case.  You still probably going home.

KK vs AA, the KK will come from behind 18.9% of the time.  Your only a 1 – 4 dog, still not that good, hope the pot is laying you good odds or you were short stacked.

AK vs KK, the AK will come from behind 30.4% of the time and AKs about 34.6 %.This is not terrible at all, often you can find yourself in this position and get be getting the right pot odds to be in this situation.

Most other situations are around 60 – 40 and not really considered domination.


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