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Why does a reverse line movement happen

Why does a Reverse Line Movement happen?

In our last blog we talked about a betting strategy very well known by saavy bettors: Reverse Line Movements. We explained what these are in detail, and when to take advantage of them, but there is one question still left unanswered.

Why does reverse line movements take place?

Bookmakers get the lastest information from countless sources – which they will never be revealed – however, we can account for several reason why a reverse line movement tends to happen:

  1. Bookmakers are trying to balance out the money laid down. This is not something new, if they let one of the sides take all the action, they will lose a lot of money, so they opt for a reverse line to balace it out.
  1. Pro bettors are betting in one side of the matchup for a variety of possibilities. When this happens, bookmakers need to balance out the action by using a reverse line movement.
  1. Usually bookmakers are on top of news that can affect the outcome of a game – injuries, weather, among others – and to avoid losing control of the existing balance, they need to apply a quick reverse line movement before the public takes action.

It is difficult to assure that these are the only reasons for reverse line movements, as many things can affect a solid line and make it move in an opposite direction; but we can assure you that skilled bettors take advantage of these strategy on a daily basis, which makes us wonder: Are reverse line movements profitable?

Not many sports bettors acknowledge the validity of employing reverse line movements as a profitable sports-betting tactic, and this is your advantage. By having this knowledge, you acquire power over the general crowd, and can understand a bookmakers decision.

Reverse line movements works equally in all sports, football, baseball, hockey, but they are also very time sensitive, so once you spot one, you need to seize the opportunity before the bookmaker has time to balance it out.

Would you like to learn more about reverse line movement? Visit our blog or check out our Facebook Page for more betting tips and tricks.

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