Calling stations – how to win the most against these players

In a wide spectrum of different players, those who belong under the heading of “calling stations” are possibly the best opponents you can have at the poker table.

One of the first things you’ll want to figure out when you sit down in a game is to recognize calling stations since you’ll be making a bulk of your profit from them if you play your cards right.

In online games, poker software will do the bulk part of the job, and you can quickly identify calling stations based on their stats.

It’s what they’re all about – taking a hand and sticking with it all the way no matter what. They just dislike folding, and they have no other arms in their arsenal, so they just keep calling all the way.

Identifying calling stations in live games shouldn’t be much harder, either.

While you don’t have access to stats, you should already be able to figure out who the sticky players are after a couple of orbits. Even if you do not play any poker hands yourself, you can observe the action and see which players always want to see the flop and then tend to stick around.

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A calling station frequently doesn’t see beyond their hand. For the most part, their thought process is: I have two pair, Two pair is a good hand, I can’t fold such a good hand, Call, call, call.

This thinking in absolutes is very dangerous because these players will disregard all potential dangers and changes in the board structure.

The other common subtype of a calling station is the player who refuses to fold because they don’t want to get bluffed.

Unlike the first group, these guys know their hand is weak, but they still keep calling in hopes of picking off an unlikely bluff.

Once you’ve identified who the calling stations are in your game, you’ll want to start targeting them as much as possible. These are the best players you can have at your table since they will rarely put you to a tough situation as they have only two modes: Call (quite frequently), Fold (unlikely but it happens).

To get the most value from these players, you want to be heads-up with them. Having another player in the pot can mess up your strategies and significantly decrease EV.

You can widen your ranges when in a position to achieve this. If the calling station enters the pot alongside a few others and you’re on the button, you should be looking so squeeze with a solid range of hands.

This doesn’t mean you need to go too crazy, but hands that have good potential or ones with solid blockers, qualify for a raise.

As long as you take the advice from this article to heart and make necessary modifications to your play, you’ll have no problems whatsoever dealing with calling stations. You’ll make way more money playing against them than against any other type of player.

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