Can you really Gamble without losing Money?

As everyone knows, whenever you gamble someone has to lose. That’s just the way gambling works.

Since the house always wins it’s tempting to say you should just become the house. But even if you set up an underground casino you need money to cover the variance in the games you run.

The only time the casino’s own money is on the line is when they start a new game or give a high roller authorization to make a ridiculously large bet. As soon as players start losing money on games the casinos replace their reserve funds from money the players lose.

And this is the secret to gambling without really losing: don’t let anyone take your money from you.

When and how you gamble should be your choice. You should do it for fun not to get rich. But everyone hates losing so here are 5 ways to gamble without losing any money.

Practice With Free Games

This is the cheap, easy tip everyone tells you. But if you’re not an expert player then practicing with the free games is a good way to learn the rules and strategies, pass the time, and not lose your money.

Free games give you an opportunity to play student. Take notes. Read tutorials. Invest your time in learning how to set up complicated bets.

Keep the Money in Your Own House

The next closest thing to not using real money is to be both the banker and the player. In other words, you’re betting against yourself. You are betting with yourself.

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Wait for Your Money to Grow

Many people say that investing in the stock market is a lot like gambling. I say it is gambling if you’re not a very good investor. Most small investors lose their money in the stock market so it feels like gambling.

The easiest way to make money in stocks is to buy and hold.

Thanks to competition among online brokers – and a little help from the coronavirus – it seems like trading frees are a thing of the past. If you can invest as little as $25 in stocks through an online broker then you can play in the stock market.

Ask Someone Else to Stake You

Many poker players take on sponsors but if you can prove you know what you’re doing in baccarat, blackjack, craps, or roulette there is no reason why you cannot look for a backer for table games.

Agree to the terms of your arrangement in advance. Maybe your backer only funds you for an online tournament. Maybe your backer agrees to advance you money to play regular games.

Whatever the terms, get them down in writing in advance. Only agree to whatever you can both live with in the worst-case scenario.

If you win you keep part of the winnings. Your backer gets money back and takes part of the winnings.

If you lose the backer may want to cut his losses and take what’s left. Work that out in advance.

Only Gamble With Your Friends

You don’t have to gamble online for real money or in a casino. If you have free time or special skills you can stake your time and skills against your friends’ time and skills.

You can organize an online card game with your friends. Borrow an idea from Pirates of the Caribbean where the crew of the Flying Dutchman gamble with years of service.

People make informal bets all the time. They bet on who pays for the next meal out, where to dine, doing chores, and more.

If you cannot afford to lose any money right now you may be able to stake a few bets with friends by wagering favors, chores, and things you have been thinking about getting rid of.

While someone always loses on a bet you don’t have to always make bets that cost you money. If you have the discretionary income and want to gamble that’s a simple decision. If you’re tight on money for now then you can still enjoy the game, take on a little risk, and have fun without betting the mortgage payment.

Free game play is the most popular form for casino gaming but it doesn’t feel like real gambling. It would be nice if you could always drop $5000 into a gambling account and not have to worry about whether you win or lose it all.

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