Tips for gambling with small bankroll

Everyone dreams of gambling with an enormous stack of chips. It’s nice knowing you can take a chance on an iffy blackjack hand because you have the money to play another game. The same goes with any of the games at the casino. It’s just fun to play with a lot of money.

But what happens when you don’t have a lot of money and you’re practicing better casino bankroll management? Don’t worry, you can still have fun gambling. It’s just as satisfying when you go from the short stack to the table leader as there is starting from the top and continuing to win.

Playing the game with a small bankroll can be every bit as satisfying as playing with a big stack, you just need a few tips on how best to pull it off.

Go Online

The best and easiest way to gamble without a lot of money is to avoid any semblance of a casino. Instead, sit down with a cold drink, maybe turn on some music, and open your laptop. The Internet is full of online casinos that will let you gamble without paying a single penny, offering free games to play.

Avoid Luxury Hotels

It pains us to say this, but if you have a small bankroll, you might be better off staying away from the nicer, newer hotels. Yes, I know they’re beautiful, have great themes, good food, delicious cocktails, and more. However, they’re not free. In fact, they’re not even cheap.

Most of the things you do at a luxury hotel carry a surcharge.

If you want, go to the luxury hotels to see the sights and mess around, but when it gets serious, take your smaller bankroll to a less fancy place. Your money will go farther if you do.

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Pick the Right Table

Find a casino that has steady traffic with people who are looking for a game, not a victim. When you find that casino, survey the players at each of the tables. If you see someone who is ultracompetitive or just a jerk, they could just be after your money. Instead, find a table that’s at least half full with people that appear calm and friendly. The fact that they aren’t cutthroat should give you a better chance to win some money.

Play the Pass Line

Craps is one of the most inexpensive way to gamble if you’re looking to play at a casino.

When you’re playing the game of craps, the pass line means you are betting that the shooter will hit a seven or an 11 before they hit a two, three, or a 12. Playing the pass line doesn’t pay out very much (you may only double your bet), but seven is the most common number on two dice, so you have a good chance of winning.

Blackjack Before Hold’em

Hold’em can be an expensive undertaking, especially in games with antes and large big blinds. If poker is your game of choice, consider looking for inexpensive but fun blackjack games. Some are as low as one dollar. These games will pack all of the skill and competition of a much more expensive game of poker. But the hit to your bankroll with each hand will be far, far lower.

While gambling with a small bankroll doesn’t sound as glamorous as gambling on a big budget, it can still be a great time. All you need is a smart strategy, the right place to play, a strong loss limit, and the right game. With the tips we mentioned in this guide, you’re guaranteed to have plenty of fun!

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