Gambling prophecies for the next 10 years

It’s difficult to see how much things change in a decade if you’re living through the changes. Small things happen that don’t seem like a big deal, but when all of the small things come together they often create a big change that no one seems to notice.

The gambling industry is not insusceptible to advancements. Things have changed in some areas in the last 10 years, and they’re going to keep changing. Here are four gambling prophecies for the next 10 years. All four of them are already happening to some degree, but all four of them are going to continue and accelerate in the coming decade.

Sports Betting Lines Are Going to Get Tighter

Sportsbooks have been getting better at setting tight lines for several years. And we predict that they’re going to keep improving their lines over the next decade. Everyone has access to more information and analysis about sports and athletes than ever before.

Smart sports bettors are using this information to make better betting decisions, and the sportsbooks are using it to make tighter lines.

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The sportsbooks dedicate more resources and time to setting their lines than sports bettors, and the books are already using all of the information they can access. The books are going to continue using advanced statistical data and refining their lines. Ultimately it’s going to eliminate profitable betting opportunities for all but the top few percent of sports bettors.

Good Blackjack Games Are Going to Be Harder to Find

It’s harder to find good blackjack games than it was 10 years ago, and it’s only going to get worse. This is evident by the influx of 6 to 5 tables. And even the tables that still pay 3 to 2 are using worse rules on average than in the past.

Sadly, we don’t see this trend reversing. As long as blackjack players are playing on tables with poor rules, why would the casinos adjust anything? Most blackjack players have no idea how the rules hurt them, and the casinos don’t want smart blackjack players anyway. As long as the casinos can fill table with poor rules they make more money and the added benefit is they make the advantage players look elsewhere.

Online Gambling Will Be Legalized and Taxed in Most of the United States

Technically, for this prophecy to be true there only needs to be legalized online gambling in 26 out of the 50 states. We don’t think there’s any question that this is going to happen, and we don’t think it’s going to take 10 years. We wouldn’t be surprised if some form of legalized online gambling will be accessible in 45 or more of the 50 states in 10 years.

A few states, like Utah and Hawaii, basically don’t offer any kind of gambling and don’t seem inclined to change. But most states are more interested in tax revenue than policing their citizens, so if they can increase tax revenues they’re willing to at least consider just about anything.

Land Based Casino Companies Are Going to Take Over Online Gambling

Land based casino and gambling companies are already moving into online casino and gambling activities in regulated markets, and this trend is going to accelerate. For many years there was a divide between land based and online gambling. Companies either ran land based operations or online operations.

Many owners of land based gambling companies have fought online gambling tooth and nail. Which makes sense, because online gambling targets the same customers as land based gambling companies, and it’s more convenient for gamblers to log in and gamble from home on their computer, tablet, or smartphone than fight traffic and take the time to travel to a land based casino, sportsbook, or poker room.

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Many things change in the world every decade, and the gambling industry is no different. Many changes are coming in the next 10 years, and the four prophecies we made on this page have a high chance of coming true.

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