Truth about hot numbers – Roulette

You can find numerous attitudes about the game of roulette among gamblers. Most roulette players do believe in hot numbers, and this post is meant to expose the truth about that phenomenon.

What Are Hot Numbers and What Do They Have to Do With Biased Wheels?

A roulette wheel has 38 numbers on it, which means that the odds of a precise number coming up are easy to calculate (1/38, or 37 to 1). This, of course, assumes that each number has an equal possibility of coming up.

Modern casinos use well-calibrated roulette wheels. They change them out regularly so they don’t get worn out. And they also move the roulette tables around in the casino, so even if you do find a bias, that wheel might not be in the same place tomorrow as it was today.

Casinos still display what the most recent numbers to hit have been on an electronic toteboard. The idea is that players will decide what numbers to bet on based on what’s happened on prior spins of the wheel.

You don’t need a big change in the odds of winning to get an edge over the casino. If a number comes up 1 out of 34 times instead of 1 out of 38 times, you have an edge over the casino.

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What Hot Numbers Will Do to the House Edge

The house edge in roulette is based on the fact that you have 38 numbers, each specific number has a 37 to 1 chance of hitting, and the payoff if and when you do hit is 35 to 1.

Look at a statistically perfect set of 38 spins. Assume a $100 bet on each number, and each number comes up exactly once. You’ll get $3500 on your winning bet, but you’ll lose $3700 on the other 37 bets, for a net loss of $200.

Average that into 38 spins, and you’ve lost an average of $5.26 per bet (or 5.26%). Now, assume the same situation, but the single number is “hot” and has a 33 to 1 chance of coming up.

In 34 perfect spins, you’ll win $3500 once, and you’ll lose $3300 on the other 33 spins. That’s $200 in net profit, or $5.26 per spin. You have a 5.26% edge over the casino in this situation.

And the casino’s okay with this, because the other numbers come up less often, and everyone betting on them loses more money than they statistically should.

Are There Any Betting Techniques You Could Use?

My favorite strategy for betting on roulette is to bet only single numbers. I sit down at the table and look for the number that’s come up the most often recently based on what’s showing on the toteboard. If there’s a number that’s come up three times, and some of the other numbers have only come up two times, that’s my number.

If another number overtakes that number of repetitions, I shift to that number. So, if I’ve been betting on that number that came up three times, and some number has now come up four times, I switch to that number.

The truth about hot numbers in roulette is bound to disappoint you. In a modern casino, you’re not going to get an edge over the casino by trying to find out which numbers are coming up more often than you’d statistically expect.

There was a time when this was possible, but that time is long past. My best advice for playing roulette? Use any system you like, including searching for hot numbers and raising or lowering your bets.

Just don’t ever expect a system to work in the long run, because it won’t.

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