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Craziest Sports Bets in History

Craziest Sports Bets in History

With the rising popularity of gambling, betting on the outcome of your favorite sports person or team, has become as common and as widespread as watching a sport itself.

Nowadays you can bet on pretty much any team of any sport in the world, and you can bet on everything from winners, losers, scores, and even the outcomes of multiple games or matches. If you are someone that is partial to placing a bet or two, then you might want to take read this article about some of the craziest bets in history, who knows, maybe you’ll make it in a future version of the list or just gain more insights on what to do and what not to do when getting in the sporting action.

Rapper 50 Cent put down a whopping $1.6 million dollars on the famous boxing bout that took place between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao, in particular on Mayweather fighting to victory. Luckily for him, he won his bet!

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When golfing supremo, Rory McIlroy first started out as a professional, his father put a bet of £200 on his son winning the British Open by the age of 25. The odds were 500/1 but having faith in his son paid off as Rory won and his father pocketed an impressive $171,000.

British horseracing fan Darren Yates had been banned by his wife from gambling any more money away on betting. With his business failing, and his marriage heading for a breakdown, he decided to bet once again. He put £67.58 on Frankie Dettori riding the winning horse in seven races. Not a particularly sensible bet, but surprise surprise, he won it and took home a cool £550,823 to a probably very happy Mrs Yates!

Ms Tillier was a weather presenter on a talk show in France called Le Grand Journal. During the 2014 World Cup, France were beaten 2-0 by the Ukraine in their qualifying match which didn’t hold well for them making the cut for the tournament. Tilliers response to this was to bet that if France made the World Cup after all, she would present the weather naked. When France qualified, she found herself in a position where she had to pay her debt, much to the enjoyment of the viewers!

Mr Gibbs was a roofer from Staffordshire in the UK. He bet a tiny 30 pence on a 15-fold accumulator which meant that he had to pick the winners of 15 different football matches. I am sure that Mick never thought he could possibly win as the odds were 1,666,666 to 1, but guess what? He won. With an astonishing stroke of luck, he walked away with over £500,000.

Not all bettors are wise guys nor do their homework, some of these people just had lady luck smiling upon them when they placed some of the craziest bets in history. Do you want to try your luck like them or would you rather play it safe? Sign up at Heritagesports deal with the professionals, get the best odds and have some fun while at it.

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