Everything You Know About Slots Could Be Wrong

To catch all the gambling experts talk you should never play any slot machine game because the theoretical return to player is so low compared to table games like blackjack and roulette.

Is that really true?

Slot machine game designers have been altering their systems and methods for decades. The games are more random than they used to be. But game design has been studied and debated on the Internet for nearly 30 years.

And going back before that there were several popular books that explained how slot machine games worked. Players have had their eyes opened for a long time. As a rule people understand how these games work better than they once did.

What hasn’t changed over time is why casinos buy slot machine games. They make money. Outside of Macau most modern casinos earn the majority of their income from slot games.

Maybe that is the purpose why so many gambling experts still crack down on slot machine games as the evil villains of casino gaming.

Slot Games Have Really Bad Theoretical Returns to Player

As a player I’ve never had a casino return anything like 99%, 98%, or even 80% of my money to me. The “player” in the theory is a statistical side in the game. There are two sides in most casino games: the house and the player.

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You are not the player. You and I are just a couple of guys filling in for the imaginary player. And we do this at our own expense.

Regardless of how you calculate the theoretical return to player, it’s not nearly as good for the average gamer as the estimates turn out to be.

And the funny thing is that most of the gambling experts whine that slot machine games have bad estimated RTPs. But their numbers don’t add up. It’s like they’re quoting 20-year-old books and magazine articles.

I’m not disputing what others have seen on slot machines they’ve played but I know that high 90s RTPs are out there. It’s not okay to malign all slot games as having very low RTPs.

All Slot Machine Games are Designed to Take Your Money

I’ve read variations on this truth many times. Slot machine games are just cash cows for the casinos. While that’s true, people who say these things imply that other games are not designed to take your money.

A casino won’t offer a game it can’t make money from. The house may not have any money in the game at a poker table but they’re still making money.

Everything in the casino is designed to take your money. And by extension everything in the grocery store is designed to take your money. You can grow your own food but most of us don’t.

There Are Loose Slot Machines – No, There Are Not!

This must be the all time biggest dispute about slot machines. For every article I’ve read citing a casino manager who says they have loose machines, I’ve read another citing a manager who says they don’t.

Most people believe there are loose slot machines sitting on the floor; tricking gamers into thinking they’ll have great success if they play long enough.

With thousands of games to select from players shouldn’t assume every game only differs from the others by a few factors. All the games are intended to favor the house in the long run. But if a slot game says it can pay a $100,000 prize then it really can pay that.

You need big wagers to win $100,000 in blackjack or roulette. And whether you’re playing blackjack or slot machine games you’ll have to lose some to win some.

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