Gambling superstitions

Gamblers are superstitious; there is no way to evade it. The very nature of being lucky is an inherent quality of players when they win and when they lose they always blame negative outcomes on some external force. The short term variances seen by players in their truncated playing stints sometimes backup their claims, but in the long run a college freshman statistic student would tell you with complete confidence that over the long term these “superstitions” have no bearing on the outcome.

The Egyptian themed games like CLEOPATRA by IGT have a space on their reels occupied by a picture of a cat. And true to the luck association, when the player gets all the center reels occupied by the cat’s picture a jackpot is awarded to the player. The popularity of cats being lucky has extended to the online casino realm. Cool Cat Casino is a very well-known online casino where players can learn about casino games, get casino tips and of course play casino games.

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The three wheel slot games that are seen in casinos and pay a jackpot when three 7s come up has long been associated gambling.

The number 7 has had substantial importance throughout history, and is strongly associated with positive outcomes. It is even prevalent in major religions like Judaism and Christianity. But it has been most relevant in Buddhism and throughout Asian cultures.

Casinos adjust their interior decor to attract clientele who are very superstitious. This is done to attract perhaps Asian market players and Asian players in general; this is because gambling is a big part of the Asian culture. The Wynn and Encore casinos in Las Vegas and Macau as well MGMs most profitable property the Bellagio make huge efforts to attract the Asian gamblers.

Superstitions will always be associated with gambling. They are inseparable ideals in the gaming industry. Casinos use it to their advantage to get money from the player. On rare occasions astute gamblers can turn the superstation tables on the Casinos.

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