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Peculiar Things About Super Bowl

Peculiar Things About Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is one of the rare times on the sports calendar when everyone gambler or not knows the point spread.

The Super Bowl is a unique market in itself and unlike the entire regular season and even the preceding playoff games, the line movement is not dictated by the opinions of respected big-time bettors but rather by the general public. Here, are not the big bets of wise guys but the small and average pieces of action from casual bettors that stack up.

Generally, books will be quicker to adjust a spread or total if wiseguys make a strong opinion on one particular bet. However, with two weeks to take wagers and knowing the betting public will hammer this game with both fists come Super Bowl weekend, sportsbooks are far less likely to react to early sharp money and move the Super Bowl odds. Get all the latest Betting and Sport News updates on your social media outlets. Find us on both Facebook and Google+!

Each Super Bowl provides a slew of betting options that can range from how many touchdowns will be scored, to who will lead the game in rushing, all the way to who will win the M.V.P. But it also provides an opportunity to bet on a lot of things that don’t really have to do with the game itself, and Super Bowl LI between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots will not be any different. Super Bowl prop betting has become a very popular talking point in recent years, thanks to crazy wagers like betting on the halftime show, national anthem and color of the Gatorade bath. Things vary a little from live casinos in Las Vegas to online sportsbooks.

The Nevada State Gaming Control Board is very sticky about what you can and can’t bet on, and unless that prop is defined in the box score of the game or decided on by a legitimate source, books can’t offer odds on it. Heck, they just offered Super Bowl MVP odds for the first time last season.

Sportsbooks protect themselves from losses when it comes to unpredictable props – that’s how they keep the lights on. They don’t take risks. Things like the coin flip prop have tight limits, even for a game as big as the Super Bowl.

Frantic 48 hours

The Super Bowl odds have two weeks to draw action. Sportsbooks estimate that about 98 percent of the total betting handle on the Big Game comes in the final 48 hours before kickoff – Saturday and Sunday. As game buzz reaches a fever pitch and tourists pile into Las Vegas, sportsbooks in the Silver State are slammed during Super Bowl weekend and online books are constantly dealing with a flood of web traffic.

There was $132.5 million bet on Super Bowl 50 in Nevada last year and an estimated $4.2 billion in wagers on the NFL finale in the United States alone, through online shops and illegal bookie operations. That means that in that final two days, $4.116 billion was wagered on Super Bowl. That’s $87,750,000 per hour. Will you take part in history? You can betting smart, find more peculiar things about super bowl and the best lines at Heritagesports.eu

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