Ray Lewis talked about Colin Kaepernick

Last Tuesday, the expert Ray Lewis talked about the decision of the Baltimore Ravens in not signing Colin Kaepernick. He explained that the reason was because of Kaepernick’s girlfriend, Nessa Diab, who took social media to offend the team. The quarterback is now a free agent, after Diab tweeted some insults. The girlfriend posted a reference from the film Django Unchained in a picture in which Lewis is hugging Steve Bisciotti. The italian is the owner of the Ravens.

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The decision was took on August 2, when Bisciotti didn’t want to sign the player. Even though the general manager Newsome and the head coach Harbaugh wanted to make the move. The decision was published hours after the disagreement. Newsome talked to the press and explained that the owner didn’t said anything about the move, and that he didn’t blocked the move or tried not to signed the quarterback. He claimed all the rumors were wrong. The team showed their interest on the player in July when they took the decision with Joe Flacco. The Ravens talked to Kaepernick and understood how much he wanted to play will them. Even Bisciotti confirmed that he talked with the other players of the team about Kaepernick’s and Lewis move.

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However, they took the decision of playing with Ryan Mallett in the season. Mallet was their second solution if they didn’t signed Colin. Meanwhile, Kaepernick is a free agent and can be signed by any team. Even though they are just two days left until regular season starts again. There have been some rumors that the Green Bay Packers and the Carolina Panthers are interested on the quarterback. Many players have expressed their opinions about Kaepernick, and said that he is an excellent starting quarterback.

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